Web Applications

Line of business applications tailor made to your requirements

Case Management Systems

We specialise in solutions for complaints handling, HR case management, Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and other regulated casework. Our CMS’s help transform your businesses efficiency by using digital record keeping to decrease paperwork, coupled with our centralized data mangement which allows for remote access wherever you are. We understand that no two cases are the same and hence we are able to work around our individual clients’ needs and preferences whilst providing our recommendations for common CMS features.

Paperless Systems

Our paperless systems allow you to maintain the task of organizing all your receipts and documents, simply and easily, whilst keeping them organised in a way which suits you and your business. Take control today by storing documents digitally to reduce the clutter around you, be in control of your workflow, and use less paper.

E-commerce stores

E commerce stores are continually on the rise with our modern lifestyles, we understand what is required for a successful website to bring your business together and out to the audience, such as managing stock levels, product ranges, warehouse facilities and orders.

Logistical pricing engines

Keep track of your logistical expenses with our logistical price engine built with your business and requirements in mind. With simplicity in hand we develop a tool which will help you manage your costs at every part of your logistical journey whilst using the latest technologies to allow you to optimise every part of your business.