Security Software

Specialist bespoke software to create a secure environment for your business

Room activity monitoring

Over the years we realise that space comes at a premium, couple that with being in a shared office environment it can increase the security risk. With our bespoke room detection software integrated with motion detectors, we are able to send push notifications to your selected notification points allowing you ensure no unexpected or unauthorised access is made to your resource.

Securing an area that is open and easily accessible can be a tricky task. This is where our bespoke area monitoring software system comes in. Using our software you cant set up monitoring areas. These areas can have either physical detection devices such as motion detectors, NFC/Bluetoon beacons or cameras, or they can be activated when devices that are present is the area are used, such as attempted login to a computer or WiFi.

Once the monitoring notification is triggered it sends push notifications to the selected devices and alerts the relevant people to ensure your area and/or the devices within are not being used by unauthorised individuals and hence keep your business secure.

Secure key and two factor authentication (2FA)

We also offer the opportunity to add additional security features to your existing applications. These can range from digital secure keys to physical key code generators to two factor authentication bolt ons. Whichever method you choose we will work with you to make you existing application more secure without adding barriers in usability.

Asset monitoring

With our in house developed asset management software you are able to keep a track of many kinds of assets. These can range from physical non electronic items such as furniture and books to electronic devices such as laptops, tablets smart and IOT enabled devices. The added benefit of our asset management software is we are able to send notifications to the control centre when devices are used. When used in conjunction with the remote kill switch you can rest assured that should your devices will only be used by those with the correct access level.

Asset Tracking

Our asset tracking software works in partnership with physical devices such as GPS locators and mobile communications devices. Our software uses geo-fencing and geo-location technology to identify, locate and monitor any marked assets combine this with a wide range of notification and management options and you can be sure your will never be more than a click away from them.